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Best Monthly Office spaces in Madurai Change City

If you are looking for the best office space in Madurai then you have come to the right page. An average cost of a dedicated desk in Madurai is in the range of Rs 4000 / month to Rs 8000 / month.


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Find best shared Office Space in Madurai

Long-term commercial agreement is a thing of the past. From start-ups to large companies, everyone is uncertain to commit to long-term spaces, particularly with the changed dynamics of workplaces.

Coworking space has turned out to be cost-effective and low risk solutions to long-term commitment for office real estate.

At GoFloaters, we aim to provide you with alternative office spaces than expensive commitments. Our monthly space offerings have helped not just individuals but companies and distributed teams to take up minimum committed private office desks and spaces.

Around Madurai City, would you prefer paying Rs.16000/- for 12 months for a 1000 square feet unfurnished space exclusive of any amenities besides operational expenses or Rs. 5999/- per month per person with all work amenities inclusive.

All monthly space offered by GoFloaters are flexible on long-term and short commitments. The team offices spaces are suitable for accommodating professionals from one to 40+. If you are looking for an office space to lease in Madurai, it is worth checking out GoFloaters list of spaces.

From private cabins to meeting rooms to dedicated desks, these safe & well-furnished coworking spaces support you in being productive and adopt work-life balance.
It is time to do away with extensive agreements, bonded sheets, renewing YoY, twelve-monthly negotiations with landlords or house owners. It is time to commit to short-term workspaces, flexible and collaborative spaces.