Here are some of the questions that you may have in mind. We are always around over chat, phone or email if you have other questions.

What is GoFloaters?

  1. GoFloaters is a hybrid workplace platform. We help teams and individuals work and meet anywhere on a pay-per-use model.

Our enterprise product WorkqFlexi - the unified Hybrid Workplace Platform helps companies find flexible hybrid offices for their distributed teams across the country. 

We currently offer access to 2000+ variety of workspaces across 35+ cities in India including Tier 2 & 3 towns.

What does GoFloaters offer?

Hot desks for a day
Our spaces are easily accessible and equipped with high-speed WiFi and power backup.

Cabin rooms or Meeting rooms by the hour
In person meetings and face to face collaborations ease the process of decision making.


Enable Hybrid working through WorqFlexi. Your employees get access to 1000's of professional, productive coworking spaces across India.

Virtual Offices
Looking to register your company or get GST. You don't need to rent an office for that. Get an address to register your company or get GST with our virtual offices.

We provide the most affordable virtual office service in India at Rs 900 / month.

Long Term Office Rentals : If you are looking for managed office spaces

Why Choose GoFloaters?

  1. You can book work and meeting spaces instantly on our platform. We offer the widest network of spaces thus avoiding you the woes of travel and traffic. Our superlative customer service is loved by our customers.

We have helped thousands of professionals, teams, companies and freelancers find their way into coworking for work, meetings, conferences and offsites. We pioneered the concept of coworking way back in 2017 with our work cafes starting at Rs. 20/-. Since then, GoFloaters app has been successful at providing on-demand workspaces for varied workforce including hybrid and remote professionals, consulting doctors, therapist, trainers, tutor groups, self help groups and NGOs (trust us when we say this😊) & more

How does GoFloaters help?

  1. If you are in need of on-demand professional workspaces for you or your team instantly across GoFloaters is the app to use. You pay for only the coworking space that you choose and use. You don't need to sign any agreement or lock your money in, memberships fees or deposits.

We can get you the easiest access to flexible workspaces of hot desks, cabins, meeting rooms or conferences or monthly workspaces across 35+ cities and towns in India. 

What is the USP of GoFloaters?

  1. Get instant access to thousands of workspaces and meeting room
  2. Trusted by 25,000+ customers
  3. Pay-as-you-go, plug and play office, no contracts
  4. Affordable – our office starting at Rs 199 / day / person
  5. Distraction free and near home workspaces
  6. Best in class customer support available on call to help you with professional to curated spaces

How many coworking spaces do you feature on GoFloaters?

  1. We have about 2000+ coworking spaces across India across 35+ cities in India.

Which cities do you offer coworking spaces?
1. Bangalore
2. Chennai
3. Mumbai
4. New Delhi
5. Noida
6. Gurugram
7. Hyderabad
8. Pune
9. Ghaziabad
10. Ahmedabad
11. Coimbatore
12. Indore
13. Kochi
14. Kolkata
15. Madurai
16. Mysore
17. Trichy
18. Visakhapatnam
19. Lucknow
20. Vijayawada
21. Thiruvananthapuram
22. Faridabad
23. Vadodara
24. Nagpur
25. Puducherry
26. Goa
27. Chandigarh
28. Agartala
29. Ranchi
30. Bhubaneshwar
31. Jalandhar
32. Bhopal
33. Imphal
34. Siliguri
& more as we progress


How to book the coworking spaces?

  1. You can select the space of your choice from our application, make the booking for your preferred time and then make the payment for the same through Credit Card, UPI and other digital wallets.


Account Related Information

How can I change the password in my account?

  1. You can change your GoFloaters password from the login screen or our mobile app or web app. Click the “Forgot / Reset Password” link to reset your password.

Can I delete my GoFloaters account?

  1. Yes, you can delete your GoFloaters account. From the My Profile menu you can initiate the request for account deletion through the View Account option.


What is the price of booking a coworking space?

At GoFloaters we make sure that our customers have the best and most pleasant working experience. The pricing for each coworking space starts from ₹199 and goes all the way up to ₹5000. This is dependent on the type of booking, space and location.

How many types of booking are there?

  1. 3 types of bookings can be made.

A hot desk in a coworking workplace means a comfortable work set-up that a customer can use on rent. Hot desk can be rented on day basis or long term. In other words, individual plug-and-play facilities with chairs and tables for working in an open layout. The customer can be a freelancer, any professional, or an employee from a company looking to make co-working the way of work. It is usually first cum first basis. In the new era of Hybrid work, companies have started understanding the advantages of the on-demand workspace model, the operational efficiency, space utilisation and workplace flexibility.

Meeting Rooms: Professional meeting rooms to make the best impression for your team collaboration, sales meeting, trainings, workshops, pitch meeting, board meeting, HR interviews, or workshop. Book by the house or by day.

Office Spaces: Whether it is long term office for you or for your team there are office spaces for all team sixes with all inclusive pricing.

Are there any packages or deals that GoFloaters have for its customers?

  1. Not, at the moment. But we will be happy to help if your team needs customisation. Mail us at support@gofloaters.com

How can employees of companies get access to coworking spaces?

GoFloaters is the only platform in India that enables teams to manage a hybrid workplace model through WorqFlexi. Employees can get access to 1000's professional, productive coworking spaces across India. You can book these now from the website or the GoFloaters application. Management gets to provision, monitor and measure the rollout of hybrid work through the WorqFlexi dashboard.