Coworking space is good for your mental wellbeing

5 ways coworking helps maintain wellbeing

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Many progressive organizations, earlier known to monitor employee login time are now encouraging their employees to work remotely. Recently, Gartner predicted ~51 per cent of all knowledge workers ( who think for living or someone who can learn and adapt to a shifting workplace) across the world would be working remotely by the end of 2021, as compared to only 27 per cent in 2019.

Corporates today have realized that they save money by having a lesser number of permanent seats. For employees, cutting down travel effort, saving time and money, looked like a blessing. Work from home, at first, sounded like the much needed respite for the busy professionals craving family time .However, remote working comes with its own set of challenges. Isolation, lack of interaction with colleagues or their employers can hurt the overall well-being of an employee. With no one around to talk to, or communicate with, many may develop serious illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Remote working can adversely impact freelancers, self-employed individuals, remote workers, and lone workers. A recent report by Forbes says a vast majority of workers (80%) would consider quitting their current position for a job that focused more on employees' mental health.

Coworking presents the perfect solution to the catch 22 situation. Coworking is not just about space, it is a well rounded ecosystem. Professionals no longer need to commute every day to the office, nor do they need to suffer from a lack of social interaction. Coworking mitigates the risk of mental health issues caused by loneliness and depression.

Dull moments are hard to find, when you choose a good coworking space. Here is how coworking spaces can up the employees morale and help beat mental health challenges:

1. Procrastination: Working from home could lead to a point where home chores start filling your days. Delay in submissions and inability to meet work deadlines can cause anxiety and last minute rush. When you choose to work out of coworking spaces, you gain better control of your schedules and enjoy a more relaxed being.

2. Casual environment : While working out of a coworking space, due to the casual vibes, employees can reach their offices and leave whenever they like. Not having a permanent seat adds to the variety. Depending on the type of membership, you can select a mobile seat, and share the space with several others. Or go in for a full private office.

3. Interacting with like-minded professionals : The coworking spaces are buzzing with activity. People from a variety of industries occupy the coworking space at the same time. Someone is always available for a chat over a cup of coffee. Social interactions reduce the feeling of loneliness. Having someone working alongside you leads to better engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity. With physical and emotional support from other people, challenges become easier to handle. As per recent studies, about 40% of workers felt much less pressure when they are within a group.

4. Networking : Interacting with employees of different organizations creates a progressive network of professionals. Within boundaries you can interact, discuss, seek advice, vent frustrations and find some solace. Interactions without corporate politics or restrictions lead to free, happier, open communication. Healthy conversation in a conducive environment improves one's self-esteem. The coworking environment contributes towards better mental and physical health. You may even find mentors, business partners, and new business opportunities too.

5. Facilities : Coworking spaces make working easy and enjoyable by meeting specific requirements of professionals. Coworking spaces offer unique advantages and facilities that can take a significant burden off the shoulders of employees. Some coworking spaces offer child care facilities, a place to take a nap, and more. Some have designated calm areas where you could meditate. Health enthusiasts can use the in-house gym at coworking space and grab a snack at the cafeteria before heading home.

The convenience and facilities under one roof help improve employee productivity and well-being.

Setting up an office is time-consuming and expensive. Selecting and leasing an ideal location, buying furniture are the upfront costs. The expenses can go up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Monthly operational expenses for insurance, cleaning, pantry supplies, and utilities are extra. And then there is maintenance. The entire cost is worth only if this adds to the productivity and morale of employees. If the premises are detrimental to the well being of your employees you might want to look at coworking. Coworking takes care of both the personal and professional needs of an individual. Coworking is fun and takes away the operational stress, helping boost the happiness quotient.

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